Prolastic Adhesive


  • Prolastic Adhesive is an environmentally friendly, elastic organic mineral adhesive for high-performance and high-adhesion laying with no vertical slip on deformable substrates, ideal for use in GreenBuilding.
  • Prolastic Adhesive develops high elasticity and thixotropy making it safe to lay water-sensitive ceramic tiles and natural stone even diagonally or from top to bottom on highly deformable and expandable, absorbent and non-absorbent substrates.

Suitable for use with

  • Porcelain and ceramic tiles.
  • Marble and natural Stone.

Suitable substrates

  • Prefabricated concrete or fresh concrete castings.
  • Cement plasters and cement-lime mortar.
  • Cement-based screeds.
  • Floors and walls in polyurethane resin, glazed and porcelain tiles, cement-based and resin floor tiles.
  • Wood, metal rubber PVC, linoleum.
  • Metal , Plywood , Steel , Glass , Tiles , Wall & Floor

Suitable for use on

  • Internal and external floors and walls.
  • Domestic, commercial and industrial applications or urban spaces.
  • On absorbent and non-absorbent deformable substrates.
  • For street furniture.
  • Heated sub-floors.
  • Areas subject to thermal shock and freezing.

Do not use

  • In contact with polystyrene.
  • On substrates which are not fully cured and subjected to moisture rising.


  • Internal and external floors and walls.
  • Suitable for porcelain and ceramic tiles, large format tiles, glass mosaic, low thickness slabs and stable natural stone.
  • Ideal for marble and natural stone that tends to stain and sag in dampness.
  • Easy to spread thanks to the Light Work technology.
  • Open and adjustability time ≥ 1 hr